Longevity, quality, and peace of mind – these are the ideals any builder strives to bring to their customers and clients. Whether you’re constructing commercial buildings, or framing out family homes, wraps and housewraps are the barriers that you trust to keep water off of permeable materials – even when it seeps under your cladding. The wrap you choose is a key component for preventing rot, mold, and seepage. When it comes to drainable housewrap, convenience doesn’t need to mean a compromise on quality! ALTA® 360° housewraps and commercial wraps provide a powerful built-in drainage plane that makes it easier to protect your buildings while avoiding construction waste. Read on to learn how!

Reduce Waste with Rip Resistance

Reduce wasteful installation mistakes and ensure long-lasting quality throughout your buildings. ALTA® 360° features a revolutionary 360° drainage plane made of our CLAFⓇ nonwoven mesh fabric. It’s bonded directly to the outer layer of the housewrap, and thanks to its unique structure and composition it makes your wrap much more durable and tear-resistant. You can prevent wasteful rips from spoiling entire sections of your installation, but that’s not all that the ALTA® 360° drainage plane adds to your housewrap.

Built-in Drainage in an Easy-to-Use Housewrap

The addition of CLAFⓇ mesh also means that you can install your housewrap in any direction. No matter how you hang your ALTA® 360° wrap, the raised structure of the nonwoven mesh underneath provides a channel for bulk water to follow right down to the flashing at the base of the building. Combined with your choice of outer layer with high or low permeability (available in the different versions of ALTA® 360°), that means you always have the right moisture solution for your unique climate.

Reliable Wraps, Better Buildings

Installation is even easier with detailed instructions and training available here on our site, as well as flashings, tapes, and more – selected specifically to complement ALTA® 360° housewraps. Contact us to learn more about  ALTA® 360° and the revolutionary drainage technology that it’s built on!

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