ALTA® Frequently Asked Questions

Why does ANCI, Inc. offer ALTA® housewrap in LP and HP versions?

To offer our customers the choice!  Other housewrap manufacturers have products that are high perm or low perm, but ALTA® housewraps uniquely lets builders and architects choose

Is ALTA® housewrap made in the USA?

Yes!  We proudly make ALTA housewraps at our Roanoke, AL plant.

How long have ALTA® housewraps been made?

Our housewraps have been marketed under different names for over 25 years.

Do ALTA® LP, HP and Commercial styles drain differently?

No, all ALTA® housewrap styles get the same drainage property from CLAF® fabric, <95%.

Where is drainage important?

Everywhere.  Although only a few areas in the U.S. currently mandate a drainage plane for housewraps, it is always good practice to use one that includes a drainage feature.  No matter where you live, a strong, wind-driven rain can allow bulk water to get behind the exterior siding, or cladding, of buildings.  A drainage feature helps keep bulk water from finding a path inside the wall structure.

Can ALTA® housewrap be installed vertically?

Yes, or even at 45 degrees, which can be a big advantage when wrapping sections with triangular or other shapes as it allows installers to make fewer cuts.

What size rolls are available of ALTA®?

ALTA® housewrap rolls are available in 10ft x 100ft, 10ft x 150ft, 9ft x 100ft, and 9ft x 150ft rolls.