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ALTA® 360° Housewraps

Our Commercial, LP, and HP products, all of which incorporate our CLAF® mesh, meet and exceed all building standards, codes, and drainage requirements. Custom printing, re-rolling, multiple tape options, and training services are provided with every roll we distribute.

Personalized Housewrap Printing

Housewrap rolls are available for branding with custom logo printing for companies to help differentiate your brand.

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All Styles of ALTA® 360°…

All styles and rolls of ALTA® housewrap exceeds the established standards including ICC-AC38. ALTA® is useable under all different kinds of materials while maintaining excellent moisture vapor transmission rates and drainage efficiency. When compared to other brands in the industry ALTA® provides builders and architects housewrap with higher tear resistances and strength.

Higher drainage efficiency
compared to other housewrap brands (>95%)

Multidirectional installation

resulting in minimal product waste

Hyper resistant to rips and tears when compared to other brands

Only housewrap with CLAF® technology incorporated in every roll

Alta® LP

Low Permeability

Air penetration resistance

<0.004 (ASTM E2178)

>2000 (Gurley Hill)

Moisture vapor transmission rate

105 (ASTM E96 method A)

15 (perms)

105 (ASTM E96 method B)

15 (perms)

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Alta® HP

High Permeability

Air penetration resistance

<0.004 (ASTM E2178)

>2000 (Gurley Hill)

Moisture vapor transmission rate

385 (ASTM E96 method A)

55 (perms)

465 (ASTM E96 method B)

67 (perms)

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Alta® Commercial

Commercial Structures

Air penetration resistance

<0.004 (ASTM E2178)

>2000 (Gurley Hill)

Moisture vapor transmission rate

245 (ASTM E96 method A)

35 (perms)

315 (ASTM E96 method B)

45 (perms)

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Low permeability housewrap with the strength and drainage benefits that only CLAF® mesh can provide. The perfect housewrap to minimize your building’s energy loss and air infiltration.

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High Breathability, tensile strength and geometric mesh drainage define the ALTA® HP housewrap. The result, exceptional air holdout along with optimal MVTR, while multi-direction mesh keeps water out.

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ALTA Commercial

Our high-performance ALTA® Commercial housewrap is easy to install and features the built-in drainage plane our products are known for.

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Let Us Help You Choose The Correct Product for Your Application.

As a builder of residential and commercial buildings in Charleston, SC, we are faced with seasonal rains, high temperatures, high humidity and heavy air conditioning use during the long summer months… When we stick frame a new house in the Low Country we look for several features in our Moisture Barrier… With the unique vertical diamond surface of the Alta Drainable house wrap, the moisture behind the siding is allowed to drain and dissipate providing a more breathable construction. The Alta product is one more element in our battle against the elements and is our house wrap of choice.

~ Jim Sloggatt – President – Gateway Park Enterprises, LLC