Discover a housewrap with easy installation, less waste, and protection for any season. With ALTA® 360° housewraps, you can install your way and rest assured that it will protect your construction project through anything – no matter what nature throws at you. Today, you’ll find out just how versatile and easy to use this unique housewrap is. Discover ALTA® 360°.

Easy Housewrap Installation, Minimal Waste

Installing an ALTA® 360° housewrap is easy, with features that make it simpler than ever:

  • When installing, button cap nails are recommended, but even fasteners like staples can be used on ALTA® 360°. 
  • Flashing is easy, with less need for scrap pieces. And with incredible tear resistance, you may end up with less scrap to begin with. No more worries about wasted material.
  • Thanks to the advanced 360 drainage plane, this housewrap can be installed in any direction. It will always drain down, no matter how the material is oriented.

Drainage for Any Weather

These features all add up to a housewrap that’s strong, with powerful drainage – ideal for conditions with heavy moisture buildup. ALTA® 360° wicks moisture away quickly during rainy seasons, high humidity, and through heavy A/C use, and stands up to UV exposure and high temperatures. Additionally, heavy tear resistance means less damage in case of high winds on the construction site.

Variable Permeability and Powerful CLAF

The unique properties of ALTA® 360° come from its construction. We use a combination of nonwoven products to achieve its breathability and strength. First is a nonwoven layer that’s configurable based on your needs – we have high and low-permeability options. Then, we incorporate a drainage plane made of our unique CLAF® material – a strong polyethylene mesh with a unique structure for full 360° drainage and exceptional tear resistance. 

Easy Installation, Superior Housewrap

With ALTA® 360°, installation becomes as easy as 1,2,3, and your project (and budget) is well-protected. Reduce waste, wick away moisture, and protect your new structure, all with ALTA® 360° housewraps. Get started today, reach out to one of our housewrap specialists to learn more about ALTA® 360°

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