Strong, Sturdy, Drainable Housewrap

What if a tear in your housewrap didn’t make the whole thing fall apart? What if you could install your wrap in any direction, and it would still drain? On a usual jobsite, one tear can mean redoing an entire side of a home – the rip just gets larger and larger and ruins the wrap. Or, the drainage plane in your drainable housewrap needs to be oriented in just such a way so that water doesn’t collect against the structure. Neither of those are an issue with ALTAⓇ – ANCI’s groundbreaking drainable housewrap. Save money, time, and headaches. Discover the convenience of an easy-installing, strong, sturdy, drainable housewrap.

The Secret to Tear-Resistance and Superior Drainage

When you use ALTAⓇ housewrap, high winds and heavy jobsite activity are no problem, and installation is as simple as can be. It’s thanks to CLAFⓇ fabric, the versatile, high-strength mesh we use in ALTAⓇ. Already bonded to your ALTAⓇ housewrap, this mesh acts as the drainage plane and reinforcement. The unique structure of CLAFⓇ fabric means that, no matter which direction you install your ALTAⓇ, water will be wicked away and off the structure quickly and consistently. It also means that, no matter where a rip occurs, it will not compromise the integrity of the wrap and continue to grow – the CLAFⓇ fabric layer stops unexpected rips, reducing material waste.

High or Low Permeability to Fit the Job

There’s an ALTAⓇ for all different applications, with low, high, and even medium permeability options. In all ALTAⓇ products, the CLAFⓇ fabric layer is included – but whether you’re working in a warm, humid area; a cold and wet area, or anywhere between, you can select a wrap that fits your site’s unique needs. We engineer our materials in-house for a greater range of options than our competitors – so if you come to us with details about your site, we can help select the best wrap for the job.

Quality for Your Customer, Savings for You

With a reduction in waste, flexibility in installation for labor savings, and a drainage plane included, we’ve built a drainable housewrap to save you money and give your customers peace of mind. Add available high or low perm options to the equation, and you have a housewrap that you can be proud to stand by. Learn more about how ALTAⓇ can advance your construction projects, reach out to our team today.

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